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El mié., 25 mar. 2020 a las 20:37, Alex Harui (<aha...@adobe.com.invalid>)

> But as I suggested in my previous post, it might help to first come up
> with the set of maven commands required to reproduce (using your local
> machine) the same number of files with the same names (other than the
> version portion) that were in 0.9.6.

I think we're done what the process required. If there's other things we
need to do, those are not in the current process, so I think is your
responsibility to update that to make it work to prove that the process is
valid. I think you can't expect Chris or I invest more time in the process
when we are exposing all the problems behind it. I think we did our best,
and now is the turn of others to try it, or as I already proposed lets us
do a release with a more conventional process that does not try to do all
that steps, that we think are not necessary, based on the rest of hundreds
and hundreds of Apache projects.

Hope you can understand it.


Carlos Rovira

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