When I wrote "from a local machine" that means to use whatever computer you 
want to use and not the CI server or steps.  What I want to know is what the 
Maven commands should be to create a release in this "conventional process" you 
are referring to.

Maybe someone else can explain better than me.


On 3/25/20, 2:22 PM, "Carlos Rovira" <> wrote:

    Hi Alex,
    El mié., 25 mar. 2020 a las 21:26, Alex Harui (<>)
    > Carlos,
    > I'm pretty sure that part of the "conventional process" you want to try
    > requires filling the staging repo from a local machine.
    This is what we already did. If you go to [1] will see [2]. That was the
    upload of compiler to the staging repo. When trying to do the same for
    typedefs it failed when trying to fill repo from local machine. I think
    Chris or I should not take more time in trying to fix Ant scripts that are
    > --
    > Carlos Rovira

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