A (Maven) repo? It's published central -- you shouldn't have to do anything extra to get it. Sonatype is automatically mirrored to central (like Apache is).

Also, Fluo is depending on this directly? Or just transitively? I am hoping I did not miss it directly depending...

No, it's not ok :). You're bundling code whose license is dodgy. Either way you need to exclude the Findbugs' findbugs-annotations from these dependencies. Whether or not you replace in c.g.s.f:findbugs-annotations instead is up to you (not sure if you would run into problems)

Aaron D. Mihalik wrote:
Anyone know where I can find a repo for this artifact:


stephenc lists the Repositories here [1] but I can't find the latest
release in those mentioned repos (i.e. here [2] or here [3])

I don't think we'll have this resolved for RC2, but I'm hoping that's okay
because other projects depend on findbugs:jsr305 (i.e. hadoop and fluo).



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