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> in interpr5.cxx you find
> void ScInterpreter::MFastMult(ScMatrix* pA, ScMatrix* pB, ScMatrix* pR,
>                               SCSIZE n, SCSIZE m, SCSIZE l)
>         // Multipliziert n x m Mat a mit m x l Mat b nach Mat r
> But actually it calculates R = B * A and A has size m x n and B has
> size l x m.
> I need a helper method for multiplying two matrices, so I used it as
> the comment describes. It took me some time to recognize that this
> method was the reason for the "dimension errors" I get.

Ah, lovely, comments that describe something different than what the
actual implementation does..

> Searching with OpenGrok I find no place, where the method MFastMult
> is actually used. As far as I see it had been used in the old
> version of LUP decomposition which was changed with CWS dr37.

Yes, that was the only place using it, currently only the disabled test
code in ScInterpreter::ScMatInv() uses it, but wouldn't differ if the
implementation was changed as it calls with identical quadratic

> So what to do?
> (1) Change the method to work as the comment describes.

Yes, please go ahead.


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