Hi all,

CheckMatrix is used for LINEST/LOGEST and for TREND/GROWTH. It checks whether the input matrices have correct size and content, generates the default matrix for an empty MatX, changes Y to log(Y) in case LOGEST and GROWTH, determines the size of the input matrices for output parameter nCX, nCY, nRX, nRY, the number of variables for output parameter M, and the number of observations for output parameter N. But this is not done consistent.

In case of simple regression (nCase==1) the values M and N are not set correctly, but the initial value 0 is returned. In case of an emtpy MatX the values for nCX and nRX are only set in case of TREND/GROWTH. Currently this gives no error, because the loops do not run over N, M, nCX, or nRX but over nCY and nRY and the value for N is determined in that loops again.

I struggle about this, because I want to use N and M in my solution for LINEST, to test, whether there are enough observations at all.

I want to change CheckMatrix, so that N, M, nCX, nRX are set correctly in all cases. The parameter 'BOOL _bTrendGrowth' is then no longer needed and can be removed (otherwise it will produce a compiler warning).

Do you agree with those changes?

Kind regards

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