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> [... CheckMatrix ...]
> In case of simple regression (nCase==1) the values M and N are not
> set correctly, but the initial value 0 is returned. In case of an
> emtpy MatX the values for nCX and nRX are only set in case of
> TREND/GROWTH. Currently this gives no error, because the loops do
> not run over N, M, nCX, or nRX but over nCY and nRY and the value
> for N is determined in that loops again.
> I struggle about this, because I want to use N and M in my solution
> for LINEST, to test, whether there are enough observations at all.
> I want to change CheckMatrix, so that N, M, nCX, nRX are set
> correctly in all cases. The parameter 'BOOL _bTrendGrowth' is then
> no longer needed and can be removed (otherwise it will produce a
> compiler warning).
> Do you agree with those changes?

Yes, absolutely. I think the method as it is is a result of
a refactoring, combining code of LINEST and LOGEST as it was back then.


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