Hi there,

after researching for quite some time I am turning to this list for
asking help on a possible easy/rookie question:

    * having an XSheet in hands and querying it for a cell range using
      "getCallRangeByName(...)" returns a com.sun.star.table.XCellRange
    * now what is needed to get at an XEnumeration interface to this
      cell range, such that it becomes possible to iterate over the
      cells without a need for further indexing?

Maybe rephrasing the question:

    * Trying to speed up access to a range of 14,000 cells from a calc
      spreadsheet which should be extracted from a calc document and
      saved in an array in a programming language for further
      processing, assuming that creating a range and an XEnumeration
      should be the fastest path. 
    * How could this be done if one has a calc document and wishes to
      enumerate in the first sheet a range like e.g. "A1:A14000" or
      "A1:B7000" (and maybe even over a collection of ranges)?



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