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## Abstract

ShardingScaling[1] is a simple scaling out component for Apache ShardingSphere 

It is designed to help users migrate data from origin database to 
ShardingSphere or scale out  ShardingSphere data node more easily.

It provides ability of migrant data, scaling out data nodes, etc.

## Proposal

The goal of this proposal is to bring the existing ShardingScaling codebase and 
existing developers and community into the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) as 
ShardingSphere's sub-project.

This project started in Open Source on Github nearly 2 months.

ShardingScaling is submitting this proposal to donate it to the Apache 
ShardingSphere Incubator under the Apache License, Version 2.0, in order to 
provide a visual management tool for ShardingSphere.

These artifacts are currently available on GitHub at 

## Background

ShardingSphere is an ecosystem of transparent distributed database middleware, 
focusing on data sharding, distributed transaction and database orchestration. 
It is also widely adopted by many companies and organizations as a solution to 
process their massive amounts of data.

But users have long lacked an easy-to-use way to migrate their data from origin 
database when they first started using ShardingSphere.
Moreover, users have also lacked easy-to-use ways to expand data nodes when 
they use ShardingSphere for a while.

So Wen OuYang created a scaling out component for ShardingSphere -- 

## Current status

After we pushed ShardingScaling in Github in an open source way, many users and 
developers have shown strong intentions to this. Yi Yang and ZongLei Dong have 
contributed many features and codes.

Current, ShardingScaling has implemented basic data migration and scaling out 
data nodes feature.

## Core developer

Wen OuYang is an experienced open source developer.
Yi Yang is an experienced open source developer and ShardingSphere PPMC.
ZongLei Dong is an experienced open source developer.

## Donation source

Github repo: 

## Source and Intellectual Property Submission Plan

ShardingScaling was opened in Github on 18 Sep 2019. The project major 
contributors are Wen OuYang, Yi Yang and ZongLei Dong. Yi Yang is 
ShardingSphere's PPMC, ICLA are submitted. Wen OuYang and ZongLei Dong will 
sign ICLA after ShardingScaling is accepted into the Apache Software Foundation 
(ASF) as ShardingSphere's sub-project.

## External Dependencies

### Apache 2.0 licenses

- sharding-core-common 4.0.0-RC2: 
- snakeyaml 1.16: 
- guava 18.0: [](
- netty-all 4.1.16.Final: 
- commons-dbcp2 2.7.0: 
- commons-cli 1.4: 
- log4j 1.2.17: 
- gson 2.8.6: [](

### MIT licenses

- slf4j-api 1.7.28: 
- slf4j-log4j12 1.7.28: 
- lombok 1.18.4: 
- mockito-core 2.7.21(scope test): 
- mockito-inline 2.7.21(scope test): 

### EPL 1.0 licenses

- junit 4.12(scope test): 

### BSD License

- hamcrest-library 1.3(scope test): 

## Required Resources

### Git Repositories:


## Initial Committers

- 杨翊, Yi Yang,
- 欧阳文, Wen OuYang
- 董宗磊, ZongLei Dong

- [1] 
- [2] 


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Apache ShardingSphere

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