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> this is a lot of interesting stuff - do we already have some
> documentation/sample project for this?
We have some docu on the junit rules [0] - the entrypoint for writing a
test, some docu on the clients [1] (the FAQ at the end also provides some
insight into some design choices).

I've also adapted the old SlingTestBase from sling.testing.tools in
serversetup [2] in order to use those in the sling tests, using the
existing mechanism to start a new sling instance for tests, as part of the
maven build. It's used in the SlingInstanceRule [3] which I used to adapt
some sample tests like [4] (I didn't want to touch launchpad tests or
anything like that, but I'm willing to put in some work if needed). I see
Bertrand also adapted some tests there, in samples/ lately.

That's mostly what we have, no wholesome documentation, unfortunately. Ah,
another helpful thing to have a look at is the unit tests for the clients,
like AbstractSlingClientGetUrlTest [5] which makes sure there are no
regressions in terms of how URIs are dealt with.

- Andrei

[0] https://github.com/apache/sling/tree/trunk/testing/junit/rules
[1] https://github.com/apache/sling/tree/trunk/testing/http/clients

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