On Wednesday 12 October 2016 09:28:44 Robert Munteanu wrote:
> Hi,

Hi Robert,

> I'd like to get the sling-trunk-gitbranch-1.7 stable again, as it's
> quite nice to have it working on pull requests.
> Three tests fail for that job, all from
> the org.apache.sling:org.apache.sling.testing.paxexam module, which
> requires Java 8.

the module itself does not require Java 8, but the dependencies (Jetty) in the 
tests – similar situation as for Sling Launchpad.

> There are two ways to fix it:
> 1) Exclude that module from the reactor just for this job
> 2) Move the job to Java 8
> I'd be slightly inclined to go with 1), but if anyone else thinks
> otherwise please let me know.

Current Launchpad requires Java 8, but I'm also fine with 1).


> Robert

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