>Do we really want org.apache.sling.contextaware.config as package name?
>Sling Content Distribution uses org.apache.sling.distribution, so
>org.apache.sling.configuration for Sling's context-ware configuration
>should be fine, no?

only "configuration" is misleading, because it's not about osgi configuration, 
but only about context-aware configuration. thus "contextaware" has to be part 
of the package name.

one could argue if it should be

>Any hints for using it on AEM 6.1?

i've created a small sample project using it with AEM 6.1 at [1].
no further dependencies are required atm.
but without customization via SPI it does not yet support cq:Page node types or 
other AEM specifica.


[1] https://github.com/stefanseifert/sling-contextaware-config-aem-sample

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