Timothee Maret commented on SLING-7714:

In JCRVLT-197, FileVault deprecated the ability to define multiple filter 
roots, we reuse the path as root.
The signature {{DefaultWorkspaceFilter#addPropertyFilterSet}} has been 
deprecated in favor of {{DefaultWorkspaceFilter#add(PathFilterSet, 


In SLING-7238, the SCD code has been adapted to use the new signature


The new signature {{DefaultWorkspaceFilter#add(PathFilterSet, PathFilterSet)}} 
is not semantically equivalent to the previous combination of 
{{DefaultWorkspaceFilter#add}} and 
{{DefaultWorkspaceFilter#addPropertyFilterSet}}. The new signature produces a 
single workspace filter entry instead of the two. It turns out it keeps the 
last filter entry which is the one with the root path.

> SCD FileVault packages created with root filter which removes ACEs
> ------------------------------------------------------------------
>                 Key: SLING-7714
>                 URL: https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/SLING-7714
>             Project: Sling
>          Issue Type: Bug
>          Components: Content Distribution
>    Affects Versions: Content Distribution Core 0.2.10
>            Reporter: Ankit Aggarwal
>            Assignee: Timothee Maret
>            Priority: Major
>         Attachments: CQ-4245994.patch, CQ-4245994_2.patch, 
> CQ-4245994_3.patch, faulty-pkg-4503-1.0.zip, pkg-4503-additionnal.zip, 
> pkg-4503-base.zip, pre-SP2-1.0.zip
> After upgrading the customer stage instances (this is ManagedService), it has 
> been observed that the user synchronization si broken.
> After investigation, I observed that not only the user sync is broken but 
> possible the whole instance, as many "rep:policy" nodes have been removed.
> h4. Steps to reproduce
>  # start a 3 instances (1 author, 2 publishers) setup on AEM 6.3
>  # enable the user synchronization following the documentation
>  # upgrade publishers to SP2, then author
>  # create a new user on pub1
> Expected result:
> User is propagated/synchronized on pub2 without side-effect
> Actual result:
> User is propagated/synchronized on pub2, but the following rep:policy nodes 
> are removed (maybe non exhaustive list):
>  * /rep:policy
>  * /home/rep:policy
>  * /home/users/rep:policy
> I reproduce this issue and tested again the procedure, but I disabled the 
> sync agent on Author, so that I could retrieve the package being replicated 
> on the other publisher (pub2) to inspect its definition.
> [faulty-pkg-4503-1.0.zip^!/images/icons/link_attachment_7.gif|width=7,height=7,align=absmiddle!^|https://issues.apache.org/secure/attachment/2594552/2594552_faulty-pkg-4503-1.0.zip]
>  is a raw package containing the "/var/sling/distribution" and 
> "/var/eventing/jobs/unassigned" of pub1 where I created the new user post-SP2 
> install, if you require more details.
> [pkg-4503-base.zip^!/images/icons/link_attachment_7.gif|width=7,height=7,align=absmiddle!^|https://issues.apache.org/secure/attachment/2594549/2594549_pkg-4503-base.zip]
>  and 
> [pkg-4503-additionnal.zip^!/images/icons/link_attachment_7.gif|width=7,height=7,align=absmiddle!^|https://issues.apache.org/secure/attachment/2594550/2594550_pkg-4503-additionnal.zip]
>  are the actual packages that will be distributed by SCD, and installed on 
> pub2. I extracted them from 
> [faulty-pkg-4503-1.0.zip^!/images/icons/link_attachment_7.gif|width=7,height=7,align=absmiddle!^|https://issues.apache.org/secure/attachment/2594552/2594552_faulty-pkg-4503-1.0.zip]
>  from the following path 
> "faulty-pkg-4503-1.0.zip\jcr_root\var\sling\distribution\packages\socialpubsync-vlt\data\dstrpck-1528203802286-58c3aa28-a83a-4a74-a781-e48e5415a541\"
>  and "dstrpck-1528203802288-c6416288-9b4d-43cc-8967-c09215bd6a91" (they are 
> the "bin" file renamed).
> Checking their _META-INF\vault\filter.xml,_ I think that the filter 
> definition is incorrect:
> {code:java}
> <workspaceFilter version="1.0">
>   <filter root="/home/users/6">
>     <include pattern="/home/users/6"/>
>   </filter>
>   <filter root="/home/users/6/68dhk9JC3OnZO5Z87rLR">
>     <include pattern="/home/users/6/68dhk9JC3OnZO5Z87rLR"/>
>   </filter>
>   <filter root="/"/>
> </workspaceFilter>{code}
> *The last entry with filter on "/" looks suspicious.*
> On a pre-SP2 instance, I have the following which is correct:
> {code:java}
> <workspaceFilter version="1.0">
>   <filter root="/home/users/L">
>     <include pattern="/home/users/L"/>
>   </filter>
>   <filter root="/home/users/L/L3q-3NdVN-uV1eawzefF">
>     <include pattern="/home/users/L/L3q-3NdVN-uV1eawzefF"/>
>   </filter>
> </workspaceFilter>{code}
> I assume that the ACL are merged and as the filter is pointing to "/" and the 
> package doesn't have any rep:policy for any nodes in the hierarchy, it is 
> removing the existing ones.
> PS: I have some instances setup to share if needed.
> *Btw now that the issue is qualified I guess you only need to setup one 
> single publisher, enable usersync, and create a new user. This should trigger 
> the package creation containing the invalid filter definition.*

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