On Wed, Jan 15, 2020 at 08:57:21AM -0500, Kevin A. McGrail wrote:
> Yeah, I retract the EOL statement.  We have 3.4 in serious bugfixes only mode
> and hopefully this week.we can get the svn 4.0 branching done.
> Can you fix the fromnamespoof plugin regex for 5.8.8 compatibility and revert
> the INSTALL to the previous text?

I'll let Giovanni look at why the possessive quantifier is there..  my head
hurts trying to understand what's going on here :-D

  if ($fnd{'addr'} =~ 
/\b([\w\.\!\#\$\%\&\'\*\+\/\=\?\^\_\`\{\|\}\~\-]+@[\w\-\.]+\.[\w\-\.]++)\b/i) {
    my $nochar = ($fnd{'addr'} =~ y/A-Za-z0-9//c);
    $nochar -= ($1 =~ y/A-Za-z0-9//c);

    return 0 unless ((length($fnd{'addr'})+$nochar) - length($1) <= 

    $fnd{'addr'} = lc $1;

> I will work on rolling a 3.4.4 this week and maybe even a 4.0.0pre1 next week
> so people can start testing that.
> Then we can agree to start saying EOL a year after the first 4.0 release?


There is bunch of stuff in bugzilla that's supposed to go to 4.0 though. 
But I don't think there is anything lacking or needing immediate attention
in trunk, so we could just retarget all future improvements to 4.1 and say
that IDN support etc is much better, but still subject to be improved etc..

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