As a user/non committer, +1

I love the idea of an early 3.0.0 so we can test current dev against it, I know 
the final 3.x will probably need another round of testing when it gets out, but 
less for sure... I know I could checkout and compile, but having a “packaged” 
preversion is great if it does not take too much time to the team...


> On Sep 11, 2019, at 20:40, Hyukjin Kwon <> wrote:
> +1 from me too but I would like to know what other people think too.
> 2019년 9월 12일 (목) 오전 9:07, Dongjoon Hyun <>님이 작성:
>> Thank you, Sean.
>> I'm also +1 for the following three.
>> 1. Start to ramp down (by the official branch-3.0 cut)
>> 2. Apache Spark 3.0.0-preview in 2019
>> 3. Apache Spark 3.0.0 in early 2020
>> For JDK11 clean-up, it will meet the timeline and `3.0.0-preview` helps it a 
>> lot.
>> After this discussion, can we have some timeline for `Spark 3.0 Release 
>> Window` in our versioning-policy page?
>> -
>> Bests,
>> Dongjoon.
>>> On Wed, Sep 11, 2019 at 11:54 AM Michael Heuer <> wrote:
>>> I would love to see Spark + Hadoop + Parquet + Avro compatibility problems 
>>> resolved, e.g.
>>> Note that Avro is now at 1.9.1, binary-incompatible with 1.8.x.  As far as 
>>> I know, Parquet has not cut a release based on this new version.
>>> Then out of curiosity, are the new Spark Graph APIs targeting 3.0?
>>>    michael
>>>> On Sep 11, 2019, at 1:37 PM, Sean Owen <> wrote:
>>>> I'm curious what current feelings are about ramping down towards a
>>>> Spark 3 release. It feels close to ready. There is no fixed date,
>>>> though in the past we had informally tossed around "back end of 2019".
>>>> For reference, Spark 1 was May 2014, Spark 2 was July 2016. I'd expect
>>>> Spark 2 to last longer, so to speak, but feels like Spark 3 is coming
>>>> due.
>>>> What are the few major items that must get done for Spark 3, in your
>>>> opinion? Below are all of the open JIRAs for 3.0 (which everyone
>>>> should feel free to update with things that aren't really needed for
>>>> Spark 3; I already triaged some).
>>>> For me, it's:
>>>> - DSv2?
>>>> - Finishing touches on the Hive, JDK 11 update
>>>> What about considering a preview release earlier, as happened for
>>>> Spark 2, to get feedback much earlier than the RC cycle? Could that
>>>> even happen ... about now?
>>>> I'm also wondering what a realistic estimate of Spark 3 release is. My
>>>> guess is quite early 2020, from here.
>>>> SPARK-29014 DataSourceV2: Clean up current, default, and session catalog 
>>>> uses
>>>> SPARK-28900 Test Pyspark, SparkR on JDK 11 with run-tests
>>>> SPARK-28883 Fix a flaky test: ThriftServerQueryTestSuite
>>>> SPARK-28717 Update SQL ALTER TABLE RENAME  to use TableCatalog API
>>>> SPARK-28588 Build a SQL reference doc
>>>> SPARK-28629 Capture the missing rules in HiveSessionStateBuilder
>>>> SPARK-28684 Hive module support JDK 11
>>>> SPARK-28548 explain() shows wrong result for persisted DataFrames
>>>> after some operations
>>>> SPARK-28372 Document Spark WEB UI
>>>> SPARK-28264 Revisiting Python / pandas UDF
>>>> SPARK-28301 fix the behavior of table name resolution with multi-catalog
>>>> SPARK-28155 do not leak SaveMode to file source v2
>>>> SPARK-28103 Cannot infer filters from union table with empty local
>>>> relation table properly
>>>> SPARK-28024 Incorrect numeric values when out of range
>>>> SPARK-27936 Support local dependency uploading from --py-files
>>>> SPARK-27884 Deprecate Python 2 support in Spark 3.0
>>>> SPARK-27763 Port test cases from PostgreSQL to Spark SQL
>>>> SPARK-27780 Shuffle server & client should be versioned to enable
>>>> smoother upgrade
>>>> SPARK-27714 Support Join Reorder based on Genetic Algorithm when the #
>>>> of joined tables > 12
>>>> SPARK-27471 Reorganize public v2 catalog API
>>>> SPARK-27520 Introduce a global config system to replace hadoopConfiguration
>>>> SPARK-24625 put all the backward compatible behavior change configs
>>>> under spark.sql.legacy.*
>>>> SPARK-24640 size(null) returns null
>>>> SPARK-24702 Unable to cast to calendar interval in spark sql.
>>>> SPARK-24838 Support uncorrelated IN/EXISTS subqueries for more operators
>>>> SPARK-24941 Add RDDBarrier.coalesce() function
>>>> SPARK-25017 Add test suite for ContextBarrierState
>>>> SPARK-25083 remove the type erasure hack in data source scan
>>>> SPARK-25383 Image data source supports sample pushdown
>>>> SPARK-27272 Enable blacklisting of node/executor on fetch failures by 
>>>> default
>>>> SPARK-27296 User Defined Aggregating Functions (UDAFs) have a major
>>>> efficiency problem
>>>> SPARK-25128 multiple simultaneous job submissions against k8s backend
>>>> cause driver pods to hang
>>>> SPARK-26731 remove EOLed spark jobs from jenkins
>>>> SPARK-26664 Make DecimalType's minimum adjusted scale configurable
>>>> SPARK-21559 Remove Mesos fine-grained mode
>>>> SPARK-24942 Improve cluster resource management with jobs containing
>>>> barrier stage
>>>> SPARK-25914 Separate projection from grouping and aggregate in logical 
>>>> Aggregate
>>>> SPARK-26022 PySpark Comparison with Pandas
>>>> SPARK-20964 Make some keywords reserved along with the ANSI/SQL standard
>>>> SPARK-26221 Improve Spark SQL instrumentation and metrics
>>>> SPARK-26425 Add more constraint checks in file streaming source to
>>>> avoid checkpoint corruption
>>>> SPARK-25843 Redesign rangeBetween API
>>>> SPARK-25841 Redesign window function rangeBetween API
>>>> SPARK-25752 Add trait to easily whitelist logical operators that
>>>> produce named output from CleanupAliases
>>>> SPARK-23210 Introduce the concept of default value to schema
>>>> SPARK-25640 Clarify/Improve EvalType for grouped aggregate and window 
>>>> aggregate
>>>> SPARK-25531 new write APIs for data source v2
>>>> SPARK-25547 Pluggable jdbc connection factory
>>>> SPARK-20845 Support specification of column names in INSERT INTO
>>>> SPARK-24417 Build and Run Spark on JDK11
>>>> SPARK-24724 Discuss necessary info and access in barrier mode + Kubernetes
>>>> SPARK-24725 Discuss necessary info and access in barrier mode + Mesos
>>>> SPARK-25074 Implement maxNumConcurrentTasks() in
>>>> MesosFineGrainedSchedulerBackend
>>>> SPARK-23710 Upgrade the built-in Hive to 2.3.5 for hadoop-3.2
>>>> SPARK-25186 Stabilize Data Source V2 API
>>>> SPARK-25376 Scenarios we should handle but missed in 2.4 for barrier
>>>> execution mode
>>>> SPARK-25390 data source V2 API refactoring
>>>> SPARK-7768 Make user-defined type (UDT) API public
>>>> SPARK-14922 Alter Table Drop Partition Using Predicate-based Partition Spec
>>>> SPARK-15691 Refactor and improve Hive support
>>>> SPARK-15694 Implement ScriptTransformation in sql/core
>>>> SPARK-16217 Support SELECT INTO statement
>>>> SPARK-16452 basic INFORMATION_SCHEMA support
>>>> SPARK-18134 SQL: MapType in Group BY and Joins not working
>>>> SPARK-18245 Improving support for bucketed table
>>>> SPARK-19842 Informational Referential Integrity Constraints Support in 
>>>> Spark
>>>> SPARK-22231 Support of map, filter, withColumn, dropColumn in nested
>>>> list of structures
>>>> SPARK-22632 Fix the behavior of timestamp values for R's DataFrame to
>>>> respect session timezone
>>>> SPARK-22386 Data Source V2 improvements
>>>> SPARK-24723 Discuss necessary info and access in barrier mode + YARN
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