Yes, it was my mistake. I faced the same issue as INFRA-20651
<>, and it is worse in my
case because I misunderstood that RC and releases are separately released
Right after this, I filed an INFRA JIRA to revert this at INFRA-21266
<>. We can wait and see
how it goes.

Though, I know it’s impossible to remove by right. It is possible to
overwrite but it will affect people who already have it in their cache.
I am thinkthing two options:

   - Skip 3.1.0 and release 3.1.1 right away since the release isn’t
   officially out to the main Apache repo/mirrors but only one of the
   downstream channels. We can just say that there was something wrong during
   the 3.1.0 release so it became 3.1.1 right away.

   - Release 3.1.0 out, of course, based on the vote results here. We could
   release 3.1.1 fast that exceptionally allows a bit of breaking changes with
   properly documenting it in a release note and migration guide.

I would appreciate it if I could hear other people' opinions.


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