Thanks for proposing this Holden.

On 12/1/22 17:09, Holden Karau wrote:
The main negatives that I can think of is an additional account for the PMC to maintain so if we as a community don’t have many people on Mastodon yet it might not be worth it.Would need probably about ~20 minutes of setup work to make the sync (probably most of it is finding someone with the Twitter credentials to enable to sync). The other tricky one is picking a server (there is no default ASF server that I know of).

Airflow uses fosstodon ( but that's the only ASF project on Mastodon I'm aware of. It might be a good starting point for us as well, and it is not hard to permanently move an account to a new server in the future.

It might be worthwhile to reach out to the ASF and see if there is enough interest and some resources to spare to set up a dedicated instance.

On Thu, Dec 1, 2022 at 8:03 AM Russell Spitzer < <>> wrote:

    Since this is just syndication I don't think arguments on the
    benefits of Twitter vs Mastodon are that important, it's really just
    what are the costs of additionally posting to Mastodon. I'm assuming
    those costs are basically 0 since this can be done by a bot? So I
    don't think there is any strong reason not to do so.

    On Nov 30, 2022, at 5:51 PM, Dmitry <
    <>> wrote:

    My personal opinion, one of the most features of Twiiter that it
    is not federated and is good platform for annonces and so on. So
    it means "it would be good to reach our users where they are"
    means stay in twitter(most companies who use Spark/Databricks are
    in Twitter)
    For Federated  features, I think Slack would be a better platform,
    a lot of Apache Big data projects have slack for federated features

    чт, 1 дек. 2022 г., 02:33 Holden Karau <

        I agree that there is probably a majority still on twitter,
        but it would be a syndication (e.g. we'd keep both).

        As to the # of devs it's hard to say since:
        1) It's a federated service
        2) Figuring out if an account is a dev or not is hard

        But, for example,

        There seems to be roughly an aggregate 6 million users ( 
<> ), 
which seems to be about only ~1% of Twitters size.

        Nova's (large K8s focused I believe) has ~29k, has
        ~6k, The BSD mastodon has ~1k (
        <> )

        It's hard to say, but I've noticed a larger number of my tech
        affiliated friends moving to Mastodon (personally I now do both).

        On Wed, Nov 30, 2022 at 3:17 PM Dmitry <
        <>> wrote:

            Does any long-term statistics about number of developers
            who moved to mastodon and activity use exists?

            I believe the most devs are still using Twitter.

            чт, 1 дек. 2022 г., 01:35 Holden Karau
            < <>>:

                Do we want to start syndicating Apache Spark Twitter
                to a Mastodon instance. It seems like a lot of
                software dev folks are moving over there and it would
                be good to reach our users where they are.

                Any objections / concerns? Any thoughts on which
                server we should pick if we do this?
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