On 10/16/2012 10:38 AM, Liviu Nicoara wrote:
I have enhanced the collation test, 22.locale.collate.cpp with a bunch
of cases that deal with embedded strings, inside the input strings as
well as at the edges. More defects became apparent, and they have been

I have re-worked the src/collate.cpp patch and I am attaching it here.
All collation tests (old and new) pass. If there are no objections, I
will check it in later in the week.

There are tabs in the patch (we need spaces). They also make
the patch harder to review than it otherwise would be. I would
also suggest keeping the MSVC < 8.0 block and cleaning things
up separately. That will also make the patch easier to review.
(I'm so swamped that this matters to me.)

I haven't looked at the test patch yet. If you could clean up
the tab issue and reduce the amount of unnecessary whitespace
changes I promise to review it this weekend.



On 10/13/12 11:16, Liviu Nicoara wrote:
The initial patch does not pass the following test case. Have re-worked
the patch and attached it to the incident, and I am also attaching it
here. It passes all collate tests.

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