On 10/24/12 11:11, Martin Sebor wrote:
On 10/24/2012 07:12 AM, Liviu Nicoara wrote:
I modified the test according to the suggestions. The test fails all
corresponding wide-char cases and I am investigating other potential
defects as well. For example, I do not think that employing strcoll and
wcscoll in compare is correct as they stop at the first NUL, although
strings may contain characters after the NUL that alter the result of
the comparison.

I would expect the wchar_t specialization to be analogous
to the narrow one. In fact (without looking at the code),
I would even think both could be implemented in terms of
the same function template specialized on the character
type and on the libc string function. (Although I'm not
necessarily suggesting this as the solution to this issue.)

They are not similar, AFAICT. In revision 367462 you implemented the wide byname do_compare in terms of wcscoll, if available, when using libc. That implementation does not take into account embedded NULs. This is in contrast with the narrow byname which simply transforms the strings and compares them.

Testing shows that an implementation of wide byname do_compare identical with the narrow version passes all tests, as expected.

It's easy to me to just remove the wcscoll-based implementation. Also, error reporting from wcscoll seems difficult to use when libc does not have thread-local errno's, and right now we don't check for errors. OTOH, I expect wcscoll to be faster than the (simpler) transformation followed by comparison.

I incline towards the simpler approach. Thoughts?


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