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On Wed, May 29, 2013 at 7:33 AM, "C. Bergström"
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On 05/29/13 06:29 PM, Jim Jagielski wrote:
I am stepping down as Chair of the C++ StdLib PMC.

So the question is: Does this project and community
elect a new Chair, or does it enter the Attic?
I'd be willing to chair if others are supportive
OK, so before I give you a +1, could you please outline what is your
Plan(TM) regarding resurrecting this project?

How are you going to do it, and, more specifically, what are you going to do?
Off the cuff reply and I'll give this more thought and planning if others are supportive

1) I think the most important thing is grow the community
    a. Let people know how important and STL is
b. Advocate for wider adoption/testing (See if we can get prebuilt packages and clear instructions for how people can use/test STDCXX)

2) Evaluate and get feedback from you and others about how we can improve the project (Communication, code review, growth opportunities.. etc)

3) From my $JOB I can advocate to help with code review, QA and ensuring good contributions like what you've done before actually get committed
One thing I don't yet have a clear idea how to accomplish is C++11 support. A C++03 STL is far from dead, but we need a 2-4 year plan to catch-up with others.

My guiding principle is :
Use, love and contribute back

We need to increase our userbase 1st to start this cycle

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