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although I follow this list for a few years, it's actually my first post. I
agree community would be on top, so let's say one would like to contribute
to the project... What would be the greatest motivating factor?
I'd say our target is c++ enthusiasts/professionals, system maintainers and compiler engineers

Licensing, portability, quality of codebase, standards conformance and hopefully performance (though I don't have benchmarks to substantiate this claim right now)

  I mean:
This project has been relatively quiet; There's now libc++, which can
probably better attract developers (specially given its connection with
Based on the commit logs - how much non-Apple/general clang contributions does libc++ get? STL hacking isn't the sexiest project to contribute to generally..
  - as fair as I know Window/Linux are not complete yet; I guess
STLport is also missing C++11, but I'd assume it's more widely spread than
the STDCXX and with more derivations, then more potential as well.
STLport's last release was 2008 and I'm not sure how much potential could be derived from that....

> From a more practical side, regarding popularity and consequently an active
community: How much people (and who) are using STDCXX (I couldn't find this
on the page, sorry if it's there somewhere) and in which areas can the
STDCXX be awesome and differentiate from the others. Portability, i18n...
I know of a few companies/projects using stdcxx, but it's probably better to leave this as a TODO.

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