Github user roshannaik commented on a diff in the pull request:
    --- Diff: 
    @@ -44,14 +48,15 @@
         private final Boolean isEventLoggers;
         private final Boolean isDebug;
         private final RotatingMap<Long, TupleInfo> pending;
    +    private TupleInfo globalTupleInfo = new TupleInfo();  // thread 
safety: assumes Collector.emit*() calls are externally synchronized (if needed).
    --- End diff --
    Accessing the Thread Local (TL) instance via ThreadLocal.get() typically 
involves a map lookup behind the scenes.
    **Related Note:** I reluctantly used TL for latching on to 
JCQueue.BatchInserter instance for the producers to JCQueue. Reluctant since I 
noticed perf hit when doing some targeted microbenchmarking. I used it anyway 
because it was a perf improvement over the ConcurrentHashMap employed in 
Disruptor, and eliminating TL needed a bigger change to the interface and 
producers. I think it is possible to achieve TL free JCQueue and gain some 
perf.. perhaps in a follow up jira.
    Although many decisions were measured, due to scope it was not feasible to 
measure each one. So, in the critical path, I have taken this general approach 
of :
    - avoid locks & synchronization ... and try using lock/wait-free approaches 
where synchronization is unavoidable.
    - avoid map lookups and object creation
    This was a case of avoiding synchronization, (TL) map lookups & object 


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