Hi all,

i just recognized that if I automatically use my code style in IntelliJ
(Ctrl+Alt+L) the result differs from the already committed code.

So there are a lot of unnecessary git changes if i want to merge and
will be stored in the git-history.

I am using in IntelliJ Settings > Editor > Code Style > Jave following
Scheme Settings for Tabs and Intents, that caused the different:

Tab size: 2
Intend: 2
Continuation intend: 4

In general the scheme can be exported, and it is provably a good idea
to have a "code style" section in confluence where the scheme is
stored. So every committer is using the same.

What do you think?


This type of settings can be exported, and there might be a "code style" 
section in the confluence where the schema is stored.
ode style on an already existing PE and want to 
So I use for in Intellij Settings -> Editor -> Code Style -> Jave:
Tab size: 2
Indent: 2
continuation intend: 4

This kind of settings can be exported and  there could  a section "code
style" in confluence where the Scheme is stored and every committer is
using the same.

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