Hi all,

Sorry I’ve not written here sooner. I’d reached out to the Incubator list while 
at the W3C’s TPAC even about keeping Apache Streams in the incubator in hopes 
of also seeing it support the nearly finalized ActivityStreams 2.0 

Since then, I’ve noticed Steve’s efforts to make Streams much simpler for new 
years—which is fabulous! I (sadly) don’t code in Java…since college, but I do 
have a desire to run code that aggregates my social streams into a standard 
format, store it in a database I prefer (in my case Apache CouchDB), and do 
cool stuff with it for my own reasons. ;) That desire is what drew me into the 
Streams talk at ApacheCon.

While digging around the project documents, I’ve found two overview 
descriptions of the project.

This one’s from the web site:
”Apache Streams (incubating) unifies a diverse world of digital profiles and 
online activities into common formats and vocabularies, and makes these 
datasets accessible across a variety of databases, devices, and platforms for 
streaming, browsing, search, sharing, and analytics use-cases.”

And this one from the repo’s readme file:
“Apache Streams is a lightweight (yet scalable) server for ActivityStreams. The 
role of Apache Streams is to provide a central point of aggregation, filtering 
and querying for Activities that have been submitted by disparate systems. 
Apache Streams also intends to include a mechanism for intelligent filtering 
and recommendation to reduce the noise to end users.”

In either case, the story that I get—and the thing I want—is minimal setup to 
get my Twitter, etc, piped into a database +/- an API +/- a UI.

Am I on the right track here? Or is Streams really meant for Java-developers to 
mix into their projects?

Once I know that, I’ll know best how to help. :)


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