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> (resending from the correct account…likely the other got spammed…)
> Granary is a project with similar ideas and intents as Apache Streams
> (which also needs AS2 support ;) ):
> https://github.com/snarfed/granary
> In fact Apache Streams gets a mention in their “Related Work” section:
> https://github.com/snarfed/granary#related-work
> Also mentioned in the Granary related work section is SocketHub:
> https://github.com/sockethub/sockethub
> It’s aims are similar, but it’s reaching way beyond Web-based social APIs
> and “back” to including things like IRC, Email, etc.

> What’s significant about both these projects (and others they link to) are
> the stories they’re telling developers—which we can crib from as we think
> about the Streams “pitch.” They also have relatively minimal setup
> docs—which Streams is also heading toward (go Steve!).

Agreed this is key

> Again, my key objective is to understand the Apache Streams vision along
> side projects like these and within the wider space of consolidating social
> data. What market does it serve? Is it “personal” (as these projects seem
> to be)? Or commercial? Or developer-only (library/framework for wiring up
> your own idiosyncratic stuff)?

I think the overall objective of streams remains very similar to what it
started as:  A way to easily and flexibly ingest multiple different sources
of 'activity' data in a normalized ActivityStreams format.  For me
personally, my interest is in ingesting this data at scale and with as
little internally-maintained code as possible.

> Thanks for reading, pondering, and helping me help. :)
> Cheers!
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