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Granary is a project with similar ideas and intents as Apache Streams (which 
also needs AS2 support ;) ):

In fact Apache Streams gets a mention in their “Related Work” section:

Also mentioned in the Granary related work section is SocketHub:

It’s aims are similar, but it’s reaching way beyond Web-based social APIs and 
“back” to including things like IRC, Email, etc.

What’s significant about both these projects (and others they link to) are the 
stories they’re telling developers—which we can crib from as we think about the 
Streams “pitch.” They also have relatively minimal setup docs—which Streams is 
also heading toward (go Steve!).

Again, my key objective is to understand the Apache Streams vision along side 
projects like these and within the wider space of consolidating social data. 
What market does it serve? Is it “personal” (as these projects seem to be)? Or 
commercial? Or developer-only (library/framework for wiring up your own 
idiosyncratic stuff)?

Thanks for reading, pondering, and helping me help. :)



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