Il 12/10/2016 alle 11:29, Stefan ha scritto:

> Forwarding messages to the dev list is not really considered good
> practice.

The community guide on Subversion's website says it's OK to ask on
dev@ if a report on a possible issue with svn doesn't goes unanswered
on users@. Considering that the only reply I got on users@ was from
someone who completely misread the problem, it seemed to me that the
last-ditch attempt before opening an issue was to report it is dev@.

Returning to the original topic, and just to be even clearer: this is
about Subversion NOT RUNNING a script because it has a FLAG FOR THE
SHELL in its SHEBANG LINE. Not because I got the path to bash wrong or
because there is some other error in my script (as should be *OBVIOUS*
from my very first email).

I was asking if not running a script under these circumstances is
INTENDED BEHAVIOUR for svn or if it might be a BUG IN SUBVERSION.

> I see that you got one reply from a user but don't see any
> reply from your side. That might lead people to assume that the issue
> was fixed for you and there's no longer any problem. May I suggest you
> just bump your post on the users list in order to see if someone else
> picks it up there?

I thought *that* was bad practice.

Thank you,

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