Hi everyone,

Our last Subversion 1.9.4 release happened about six months ago, and we
have several important fixes waiting to be released.

I plan to roll 1.9.5 this Thursday, on October 20th.  So please wrap up
any nomination/voting for things that you'd like included.

>> Any reason why we might also want to prepare 1.8.17?  I don't think that
>> we had any security or critical bugfixes in the 1.8.x branch.
> Nothing really critical, IIRC. But it has been 6 months by now with no
> bugfix release. So, it would be nice to demonstrate that 1.8.x is still
> being supported ...

I would be happy to roll both of the tarballs, if that's what everyone
feels like doing.  But just to be sure — are there any other opinions about
also releasing 1.8.17?

Evgeny Kotkov

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