Julian Foad wrote:
> Julian Foad wrote on 2017-12-15:
>> The 1.10 release branch has been created.

Progress update:

* 1.9 compatibility testing is done. Philip determined that the mixed-
  version test failures are not release critical.

* We are aware of two blockers:

  - STATUS has r1820778 tagged as a blocker:

    Make the reporting of commit capabilites such as SVNDIFF version and
    PUT checksums depend on the master version when a master-slave proxy
    version is configured.  This allows 1.10 to be a slave proxy [...]

  - The protocol changes related to enabling LZ4/svndiff2 need to be
    documented in the release notes.

Mid-March is now the earliest possible date for 1.10 release.

- Julian

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