Evgeny Kotkov <evgeny.kot...@visualsvn.com> writes:

> Perhaps, a simpler reproduction script would be to issue an 'svn log' for
> a medium-sized repository.  In my environment, doing so for the trunk of
> TortoiseSVN's repository with 25,000 revisions causes the httpd process
> to consume up to a 1 GB of RAM while processing the request.  Overall,
> the log takes around 11 seconds instead of 2, compared to 1.9.7.

I can reproduce the problem in my environment using my mirror of
Subversion.  Running log with authz configured causes apache to use
several GB of memory, that's for about 81,500 revisions.  Reverting
r1779188 and r1778923 solves the memory growth problem.


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