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Greg Reagle <greg.rea...@umbc.edu> wrote:

> Speaking of just discovering dwm, I started using it several months
> ago, and I have found that the systray patch for dwm [1] or the
> stalonetray program [2] are very useful for showing my volume
> control, dropbox status, and network icon.
> [1] http://dwm.suckless.org/patches/systray
> [2] http://stalonetray.sourceforge.net/

Thanks, may look at those sometime, but at the moment I control all
sound/brightness etc. through my own apci stuff via functions keys.
netwrok doesn't worry me either, Slackware just seems to work.  If I do
need to change wireless, then a quick fire up into xfce4 will sort that

One little thing I do miss though is scrolling with mouse wheel (or
using the pad side edge) to scroll a web page etc.

Is that doable?


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