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Nick Warne <n...@linicks.net> wrote:

> On Sep 22 2016, Cág wrote:
> >hiro wrote:
> >  
> >> networkmanager should be removed first thing on any distribution
> >> slack doesn't sound so great if it includes some crap tbh.  
> >
> >It has PulseAudio in the default installation. And KDE is
> >autoselected in the
> >installer.
> >
> >Cág  
> I have none of that installed - just base Slackware.

Just got in from work and read the 14.2 release - pulseaudio?  Bloody
hell.  I still run 14.1, and that only has alsa and also KDE stuff is
only a singleton option on install - it can be deselected to not install
any of it (which I do).

I would say 14.2 follows the same logic.  You don't have to install KDE
and pulseaduio crap - just deselect them.

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