>> >> Pango is a much heavier library than Xft, so I would be surprised if
>> >> Hiltjo was suggesting that was use Pango.
>> > I'll give Hiltjo the freedom to share as much as he desires about what
>> > he's doing, but "maybe" he was talking about a solution that is
>> > developed in-house.
>> Or maybe the solution is to not use any of these font rendering
>> libraries, as it was some years ago before the Xft patch was merged?
> There is no pleasing everyone.

i guess i can live without color emojis lol

really, i dont care about displaying emojis at all, i just wanted dwm
not crashing because of some :).

i agree that having dwm depend on some huge graphics lib is not desirable.

can anyone think of a way to catch and ignore teh error at least? i
managed to catch it on xerror(), and it prevented dwm from exiting,
but it remained unusable.

or perhaps substitute color emojis with black and white ones on teh fly?


PS: im X11 noob


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