On 11/08/2017 06:22, Cam Luc wrote:
Hi all,

Could someone share which IDE and OS they use for development?

I'm using Windows 10 and NetBeans - the build process is quite problematic so 

I personally work with Netbeans 8.2 on Linux, but the reason for this is simply the great Maven support you get.
So, essentially, I am always building with Maven.

Can you elaborate what you mean with "quite problematic"?

Furthermore, may I ask if you are (a) developing your own IdM solution, based on Syncope or (b) willing to contribute to the Apache Syncope project?

In the former case, you don't need to build Apache Syncope, just go to


and pick your preferred distribution; otherwise (great news, BTW), please take a look at


and consider sending your ICLA and sharing your ideas about the areas where you'd like to contribute, thanks.


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