Hi <br/><br/>I'm interesting on the volunteer .<br/><br/>Is it to merge pull 
request push to github and integrate github?  <br/><br/>thanks ~~
At 2016-10-05 06:30:30, "Hitesh Shah" <hit...@apache.org> wrote:
>We have been seeing a slight uptick in github pull requests and it might be a 
>good time to start figuring out integration aspects for pre-commit builds, 
>pull request merges, etc. Any folks who would like to volunteer to help set up 
>pre-commit build requests for github pull requests? 
>I found some information at 
>https://blogs.apache.org/infra/entry/github_pull_request_builds_now and there 
>is probably more somewhere else in terms of how to get pre-commit builds to be 
>setup for github. At the same time, it might be worth considering moving to 
>using yetus ( http://yetus.apache.org/ ) for our pre-commit builds to get more 
>flexibility in testing against diff branches, etc.
>— Hitesh

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