Apache Thrift is a framework for providing cross-platform RPC and

Project Status
The Apache Thrift community has been working diligently to get our CI back
track and prepare for our next release. With the new workflow in place and
builds green once again we have created the Apache Thrift 0.10.0-rc0 release
candidate and it is now up for review and vote. We have also added a new
committer to the project, James King.

Latest Additions:

* PMC addition:            Nobuaki Sukegawa, 1.25.2016
* Committer addition:   James King, 10.18.2016

Issue backlog status since last report:

* Created:    66
* Resolved:  62

Mailing list activity since last report:

* @dev    1294 messages
* @user   36 messages

Last release: 0.9.3, Release Date: Oct 6, 2015
Vote in progress: 0.10.0-rc0, Vote started: Oct 18, 2016

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