Github user jparise commented on the issue:
    Coming back to the original proposed change, is this likely or unlikely to 
be merged?
    I don't think I fully understand @jfarrell's "this change must originate 
from Facebook" requirement. Both projects are Apache 2.0-licensed, which may or 
may not be relevant if the concern is a related to copyright.
    I wrote all of the code in this diff myself, from scratch, using only the 
fbthrift enumeration names and integer values as a reference. I haven't run a 
`diff` between the two trees to see how similar the individual lines of code 
may or may not be, but I'm not sure how relevant that would be given that 
enumerations can only be written so many ways.
    Of course, I am not a lawyer, etc., so if this is a blocker for inclusion 
in Apache Thrift, please say so.


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