I've recently changes the signatures of our has() methods. Unfortunately I
didn't realize that this change was breaking for some users (those who
arrays as arguments). The old method signatures were all vararg-based:

   - hasId(Object... ids)
   - hasLabel(Object... labels)
   - etc.

...and I mainly changed that to prevent method calls like hasId() with no
args. Since none of our test cases uses arrays, I didn't notice that this
change broke the following queries:

   - __.hasId([1] as Object[])
   - __.hasLabel(["person"] as Object[])
   - etc.

Single entry arrays, that are used as the only arguments, are now treated
as P.eq(arr), but were treated as P.eq(arr[0]) before. I created a PR [1]
with a fix and also added a test that ensures that the new method
signatures behave like the old vararg method signatures (except that they
don't allow you to use no args).

Sorry for any inconvenience.

[1] https://github.com/apache/tinkerpop/pull/425


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