We're hanging around 250 open issues at the moment in JIRA. 28 of those are
"deprecation" issues, so roughly 220 to pay attention to. It's been a while
since we've done any global grooming of the list and I think that as we are
on the way to 3.3.0, it would be good to do a little bit of that.

In the past, we'd had an open hangout for those who wanted to join, so that
we could discuss what to close, schedule, etc. Inevitably, those hangouts
ran well over an hour and now with 200+ issues, I think a hangout won't be
a good way to go through this stuff.

I was thinking that perhaps everyone could independently take a look at
what is either:

1. assigned to them or
2. something they created

and give that JIRA an update? Maybe, you un-assign yourself, bump the
priority, drop in a comment, re-assign the fix version, or bring it to the
attention of the dev list to see if anyone can offer a PR.

For issues you'd like to close, I'd say:

1. if the issue could possibly be of interest to the community (even in a
small way), then start a DISCUSS thread with an explanation as to why you
want to close and use lazy consensus around the decision - you've probably
seen me do those in the past. Example:


Then just add a "Web Link" to the DISCUSS thread in the JIRA issue and done!

2. if the issue is something down in the weeds of your area of expertise,
some reminder you created a long time ago that is no longer relevant,
something already implemented, a duplicate, etc - then just close the issue

If that all sounds good to everyone, it would be cool if we could all take
some time (mostly me, marko, kuppitz as the top JIRA creators right now),
to do a little JIRA grooming by the end of next week.



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