On Sun, Sep 3, 2017 at 10:26 AM, Mark Thomas <ma...@apache.org> wrote:

> On 02/09/17 21:40, Rainer Jung wrote:
> > Backporting some fixes and enhancements from TC trunk to 8.5.x would
> > need to either require tcnative 1.2.14 or make the code more complex by
> > catching UnsatisfiedLinkError etc. and converting into error messages.
> >
> > I don't remember very well, how we handled this in the past. Are we
> > willing to require a very fresh tcnative release in a stable branch, or
> > should we make the backport more complex and keep it version compatible,
> > or would we just postpone the backport until the tcnative version is
> > deemed to be old enough to become the required one?
> >
> > I would prefer the first option for simplicity, but it will not be the
> > best for our users in terms of compatibility.
> We have increased the minimum version when necessary in the past. We
> last did this in 2014 when we made 1.1.32 required for 8.0.x. We did
> that shortly after the 1.1.32 release.
> I'd be happy increasing the minimum required version for 8.5.x to 1.2.14
> and the minimum recommended version to 1.2.14 for 8.0.x and 7.0.x.
> We might want to think about announcing End of Life for 1.1.x. Given
> that 1.2.x really is a drop-in replacement for 1.1.x, I'm not sure there
> would ever be another 1.1.x release anyway.

+1 to move to 1.2.


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