Hi all,

I've been doing some experiments to see how we might migrate from our
current svn structure to git. It appears that git svn is able to follow
directory moves so, with that in mind, I'd like to propose the following
outline plan:

Plan A

0. Run plan past infra
1. Restructure svn
2. Get infra to re-mirror new structure
3. Validate mirror
4. Pick a date to switch

This assumes that we do want to switch to git. My sense from the most
recent discussion was that we did.

To expand on the point one, the restructuring would look like:

/trunk          -> no change
/tags/TOMCAT_9* -> tags/tc9.0.x/
/tc8.5.x/trunk  -> branches/tc8.5.x
/tc8.5.x/tags/* -> tags/tc8.5.x/
/tc8.0.x/trunk  -> branches/tc8.0.x
/tc8.0.x/tags/* -> tags/tc8.0.x/
/tc7.0.x/trunk  -> branches/tc7.0.x
/tc7.0.x/tags/* -> tags/tc7.0.x/

and then migrate /trunk, /tags and /branches to git, leaving the rest in
place. Most will stay there. Some components may move to git in the future.

Plan B

Pick a different component (native, jk) and migrate that first.

If we do want to migrate there will be lots of details to work out such
as how to migrate the "view differences" feature of the migration page
but I'm sure we'll be able to work something out.

Thoughts, comments etc.?


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