--- Comment #9 from Robert Rettig <> ---
(In reply to Mark Thomas from comment #8)
> My limited understanding after reading the Docket documentation is that
> tasks.<service-name> is used (via DNS) to get a list of all of the tasks
> backing the service.
> Why would there be a HTTP request to "tasks.<service-name>" rather than
> "<service-name>"?

(In reply to Mark Thomas from comment #6)
> (In reply to Robert Rettig from comment #4)
> > Created attachment 35931 [details]
> > Fixes hyphen validation
> This patch is not consistent with the RFCs for host / domain names. I'm
> currently -1 on applying it for that reason.

I totally agree not to applying that patch. I tried just to show what would
work for the hyphen problem as it will be the one which will fail now in many
environments. I just checked docker swarm, or even openshift deployments.
in openshift there is really a hostname declared as  maybe
'data-service.tenant1-apps.svc' that worked before tomcat 8.5.31 
This is just relevant because many microservices are deploped with spring boot
and the current relase pulls in tomcat 8.5.31 which stops working wihtout
reporting clear errors about the failures:

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