--- Comment #15 from Mark Thomas <> ---
Ah. Found the reference for the final segment being alphabetic:

>From RFC 1123
However, a valid host name can never have the dotted-decimal form #.#.#.#,
since at least the highest-level component label will be alphabetic.

There is some interesting discussion of this in the errata.

Where things get 'interesting' is whether the final segment can be purely
numeric or not. Per RFC 952 and RFC 1123 they can. There are currently no such
gTLDs registered with ICANN. However, they could still be present on an
intranet. Therefore, I am leaning towards accepting them. That means
would be treated as a valid FQDN rather than as an invalid IPv4 address.
Whether any client would let a user specify such a string is a different

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