> From: Christopher Schultz [mailto:ch...@christopherschultz.net] 
> Subject: Re: svn commit: r1849311 - in /tomcat/trunk: 
> java/org/apache/catalina/startup/LocalStrings.properties 
> java/org/apache/catalina/startup/Tomcat.java 
> test/org/apache/catalina/startup/TestTomcat.java
> webapps/docs/changelog.xml

> Yeah, but of course it *still* won't allow me to deploy my WAR file
> from within a JAR file inside another WAR file from a web server with
> a file-URL proxy on it.

> When will the Tomcat devs stop being such a bunch of old codgers and
> support URL schemes like this:

> https://example.com/file://C:\TEMP\ALLAPPS.WAR!/deps/app1-contents.jar!/

> Until this is implemented, Tomcat is basically garbage.

> Oh and there's no way in hell I'm going to escape all those characters
> in the URL. Tomcat can DIAF if it can't read URLs that normal humans
> can type and read.

Looks like Bo hacked into Chris' head...

  - Chuck

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