On 21/12/2018 05:12, Caldarale, Charles R wrote:
From: Christopher Schultz [mailto:ch...@christopherschultz.net]
Subject: Re: svn commit: r1849311 - in /tomcat/trunk:

Yeah, but of course it *still* won't allow me to deploy my WAR file
from within a JAR file inside another WAR file from a web server with
a file-URL proxy on it.

When will the Tomcat devs stop being such a bunch of old codgers and
support URL schemes like this:


Until this is implemented, Tomcat is basically garbage.

Oh and there's no way in hell I'm going to escape all those characters
in the URL. Tomcat can DIAF if it can't read URLs that normal humans
can type and read.

Looks like Bo hacked into Chris' head...

I did wonder enough about the source of the message to boot up the machine that has my mail client configured with my pgp keyring just to check if the signature was valid (it was).

I think the only appropriate reply to Chris is, of course,

Patches welcome...


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