--- Comment #8 from Norimasa Yamamoto <> ---
I made a new Windows 7 using Tomcat 7.0.96 x86/x64 service installer
and AdoptOpenJDK x86. It worked fine.

Next, I checked Tomcat7.exe arch.
I download from prunsrv.exe from Apache commons daemon
and to rename/replace them to installed Tomcat7.exe.
using x86 prunsrv.exe : OK
using x64 prunsrv.exe : NG (0xc0000005, like as this issue)

I think the NG machine was installed Tomcat7.exe x64 even if Java x86
installed directory was selected while Tomcat 7.0.96 installing.
But I don't know why it was occured.
I'll more test on next Monday on the NG machine.

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