--- Comment #10 from Norimasa Yamamoto <> ---
Difference between prunsrv.exe and
prunsrv.exe :
  Try to use ucrtbase.dll!_wputenv at prunsrv!apxSetInprocEnvironment.
  When there, set SQ_ENVIRONMENT to ucrtbase.dll's environment too.

ucrtbase.dll is used from vcruntime140.dll.
When target jvm.dll is with lower than vcruntime140.dll (i.e. msvc100.dll),
prunsrv.exe must load msvcrXXX.dll, instead. Because jvm.dll's environment is
in msvcrXXX.dll (not in ucrtbase.dll).

So I silulated ucrtbase.dll was missing (patch at 0000E0E1: 64 to 7A),
Tomcat7.exe started. However, I don't test it work or not.

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