Bug ID: 63645
           Summary: Why its so hard for Linux distro to use Tomcat server
                    from IntelliJ?
           Product: Tomcat 9
           Version: 9.0.16
          Hardware: PC
                OS: Linux
            Status: NEW
          Severity: normal
          Priority: P2
         Component: Servlet
  Target Milestone: -----

Created attachment 36707
Some screenshots of my problem

Many people have faced this issue.
Apparently, Tomcat is not userfriendly.

I use Ubuntu 19.04, and an IDE called "IntelliJ Ultimate 2019.1.3".

Its been like 3 days I am unable to use Tomcat's local server configuration
with many issues.

As I solve one, another appears. One of the worst mankind hell of server ever
made. People have criticized. I basically came here to criticize due to
frustration. Why you guys don't make things easy.

At least update the APT repository with many people use.
(When I mean APT, I mean the mechanism we install tomcat, i.e "sudo apt install
tomcat9". I wonder why a normal "sudo apt install tomcat" install latest stable
build like billions of other software? Why we have to use the version name at
the last of that command.)

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