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Hi there,

None of the complaints you've mentioned have anything to do with the ASF Tomcat
distribution ( Your problem is with
the Ubuntu distribution of Tomcat not behaving like you expect. If you're set
on filing a bug to "fix" this, then you may get more tracking by raising an
issue on the Ubuntu issue tracker. Even then, I'd be willing to bet that your
IDE configuration is not quiet correct because I've had lots of issues getting
IntelliJ setup with Tomcat myself due to configuration problems :) The
screenshots aren't super informative, but one of them is a permission
issue...that's imposed by the OS, not Tomcat, and is likely due to the user
you're running the IDE as not having access to the Tomcat directories (which is
likely expected behavior).

I'm closing this as invalid because there are no bugs here for us to address.
Complaints and constructive criticism of the ASF distribution of Tomcat is
welcome. We may or may not be able to help you with your third party (Ubuntu
and IntelliJ) problems, so if you'd like to continue this conversation and have
someone try and help you along then please engage with use on the tomcat users
email list (see instead.

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