> Mark,
> On 8/8/19 08:19, ma...@apache.org wrote:
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>> repository.
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>> commit 7ac5fc8a59c10e7de1ee6d4b85c1ee797942a1e7 Author: Mark Thomas
>> <ma...@apache.org> AuthorDate: Thu Aug 8 13:17:29 2019 +0100
>> Fix https://bz.apache.org/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=63285
>> Align the behaviour of service.bat with the Windows installer and
>> rename the executables on installation (and restore on removal).
> If I understand this patch, I might need to veto it for Tomcat 9.
> Changing for TC 10 will be okay.
> Re-naming the Tomcat .exe files on Windows will be a very surprising
> change for a point-release. Every installation I've ever worked on has
> multiple services running off the same Tomcat installation. If any of
> them is upgraded without adding the "--no-rename" option to an
> invocation of the service.bat script, all automation will begin to
> fail.

As soon as a new service is installed, yes.

> That includes services which *are not* reconfigured because the
> TomcatX.exe file will be renamed and still referenced in various
> service definitions.


This is one of those cases where something is going to be broken
whatever we do. Happy to discuss options to try and minimise how much
gets broken.

How about this as a modified approach:

- Keep renaming back to Tomcat9[w].exe on remove. That won't impact
  existing service.bat users but will help users that install via the
  installer (e.g. they'll be able to change the service name).

- Change the option to --rename and only rename on install when
  explicitly requested. Current service.bat users would be unaffected
  and installer users would need to use this option if they used
  service.bat to uninstall and reinstall the service (e.g. to rename it)

That should fix the reported issue while removing the impact on the
existing service.bat users.



P.S. I know the 9.0.x and 8.5.x tags are overdue but I'd rather wait a
few more days to make sure we are happy with this change before tagging
and committing us to an approach.

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