>> How about this as a modified approach:
>> - Keep renaming back to Tomcat9[w].exe on remove. That won't
>> impact existing service.bat users but will help users that install
>> via the installer (e.g. they'll be able to change the service
>> name).
> Aha. I'm sure that has something to do with the answer to "who is
> broken" question.
>> - Change the option to --rename and only rename on install when 
>> explicitly requested. Current service.bat users would be
>> unaffected and installer users would need to use this option if
>> they used service.bat to uninstall and reinstall the service (e.g.
>> to rename it)
> I think I like the --no-rename -> --rename option is the best because
> it makes the smallest change. Only currently-affected users will need
> to modify their behavior, instead of most users having to modify their
> behavior.
>> That should fix the reported issue while removing the impact on
>> the existing service.bat users.
>> Thoughts?
>> Mark
>> P.S. I know the 9.0.x and 8.5.x tags are overdue but I'd rather
>> wait a few more days to make sure we are happy with this change
>> before tagging and committing us to an approach.
> +1
> I wouldn't want to put out a release where the rules are different
> from every other release if we are going to change --no-rename ->
> --rename.
> In case it's not clear, I'm fully in favor of changing --no-rename ->
> --rename instead of the current patch.


I have a few bits and pieces I want to look at before the tag so I
probably won't tag until tomorrow / Wednesday.


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